About Biotechnology

Biotechnology is one of the world’s newest and most important applied science of the 21st century. It requires spirit and embraces basic sciences like Physics, Chemistry, Maths as well as engineering technology depending upon its application. In most general sense, Biotechnology refers to the use of microorganism, such as bacteria or yeast, or biological substances, such as enzymes to perform specific industrial or manufacturing process. It includes manipulation of organisms on the molecular and genetic level to improve health, safety, nutrition and environment.

Biotechnologists will be absorbed by almost every sphere of life whether it is agriculture, horticulture, dairy farming, and pharmaceutical or biotechnology industry. Careers in biotechnology tend to be related to Research and development, Quality control, clinical Research, Manufacturing and Production, Patent administration, Management and Administration, hospital laboratories, Academic Research laboratories, Forensics, environmental cleanup and Bioinformatics. Being a part of the world of biotechnology, there is and would be identification in itself.

The promising biotech sectors likely to see high growth in the coming 5-7 years….

If there is any area of science that will flourish after information technology, then it is biotechnology. There is proliferation of modern biology / biotechnology in all areas of life. The fields of diagnostics, vaccines, clinical trials, therapeutics are some of the upcoming areas. The development of kits, equipments in the services sector is equally important. In the next 2-3 years, the field of phyto / bioremediation technology may surpass the pharmacy field in the US and it willbe a money-spinner. The area of bioprospecting has emerged and India has genetic gold rush of bio resources, which require high through put screening. Now things are being looked at a molecular level. It is required to have interdisciplinary knowledge and experience to venture in the areas of molecular medicine. The era of genomics has started, with the sequencing of the human genome and specialized trained manpower in molecular virology, genetics, molecular immunology, stem cells, molecular immunology and molecular monoclonal antibodies are required. In the next 5 years, according to American estimates there would be requirement of bioinformaticians. People with both bioinformatics and other biotech related skills are required and both have to work complementary to each other. Today we have very limited human resource in the area of modern biology in India. Along with these there is also a requirement of professionals with a master’s qualification along with law or MBA.

Syllabus :

1B. Sc. Biotechnology I
2B. Sc. Biotechnology II
3B. Sc. Biotechnology III