About Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneur is a person who initiates a business or a venture, organizes and manages it for the production of goods or services for others. An entrepreneur is the person with great imagination and capability who is driven by a goal and dreams of fulfilling it. Entrepreneurs like political leaders, businessmen and economists contribute a lot in success of the nation. There are several advantages of being an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur has a creative freedom, achieve their dreams and goals, create job opportunities and work and work for the benefit and betterment of the society. Entrepreneurial ventures are the biggest source of job opportunities in our country today and will continue being so in the future. We cannot imagine India without the contribution of Tata’s, Birla’s, Ambani’s and several other successful entrepreneurs. If you wish to be one of them, this course is definitely for you.

A Bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurship is a unique course started for the first time in India at the Lokmangal Institute of Versatile Education. This course enables the students to acquire necessary skills in the field of business and development. The course4 is designed to mold students to be entrepreneurs who have all the necessary skills required to start their own business and be successful. The syllabus is designed to teach students human relations, economic and financial management. The students are also molded to manage risk and turn them into opportunities. Values required to be a successful entrepreneur like self management, teamwork, learning from experiences, creativity and communication are inculcated in the students

The salient features of this course are:

Enabling the students to identify good business opportunities
Developing effective business strategies
Customer insights and interactions
Gaining financial and accounting competencies
Service development and realization
Understanding advanced science and technology

Apart from these the students are taught basic management, accounting and management skills and also how to make use of the available resources maximally. Workplace ethics and practices are also taught to the students. The industrial visits and seminars are planned in order to demonstrate negotiations, persuasions skills, marketing, teamwork, organization and management.

Industrial visits
Field visit
Seminars and lectures
Multimedia classrooms
Computers with internet services

A successful entrepreneur has a higher self esteem and greater control over his as well as other’s lives. This course will teach students how to be successful, how to make money and also give back to the society for its benefit and development. The students are encouraged to put their creative and unique ideas into practice, learn from their mistakes and be able to take greater risks. A student who has completed this Bachelor’s Degree in Entrepreneurship will be fully qualified with all the essential skills and will be able to face the competitive business with confidence.

Syllabus :

1B. Sc. Entrepreneurship I*
2B. Sc. Entrepreneurship II*
3B. Sc. Entrepreneurship III*